Public Participation at Full Council Meetings 

Legislation changes now mean Council meetings are to be held physically. Covid restrictions, such as social distancing and wearing masks, 
need to be adhered to. Due to space limitations, Public are advised to register their physical attendance and space will be allocated on a 
'first come first served basis', or you may join the Teams meeting. Please note these meetings are recorded. 
What is a full council meeting 
It is a public meeting and not a meeting of the public. 
Query about an agenda item but can't attend 
Email your query to the Parish Manager who will arrange for a councillor to represent your comments - 
Who can attend 
All Full Council meetings are open meetings, members of the public and press are able to attend.  
How to attend 
Register and include any questions or comments you have by 12 noon of the meeting date, email or click here. Please ensure you list: 
Your name 
Your email / phone contact details, 
Your question or comments you wish to make and the agenda item it relates to OR 
That you wish simply to observe 
The meeting date you wish to attend - click here for details 
Once registered you will receive the joining instructions for the meeting. 
Virtual meeting access  
Great Linford Parish Council will continue to use the Teams Online meetings asopted during Covid-19 Crisis. This system is simple for members of the public to access, as well as participants. 
Recording of Council Meetings 
Government regulations allow members of the public and press to record public meetings of the Council.  
Coronavirus (covid-19) guidelines for online Team meetings: there are no restrictions on video or audio recording, as only active participants in the meeting can be seen and heard by members of the public. However, in terms of usage of any recording there remains the requirement that those who have recorded all or parts of the meeting should not edit their footage in any way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings. 

Addressing Council 

Members of the public will be muted, and have their video setting turned off, unless they are asked to participate by the Chairman. 

Submitting Questions 

What is the deadline for questions 
Questions and comments must be submitted by 12 noon of the meeting date. A 15 minute period (which can in special circumstances be increased, if Councillors agree) will be provided at all Council meetings to put relevant questions about agenda items. 
How long do you get 
Members of the public will be allocated between 3 and 5 minutes to speak and this will be dependent on the number of people registered to speak and the time available . The number of questions taken will be determined by the Chair and the amount of time available. An answer will be provided where possible but may have to be deferred until a later point if necessary, to provide a full answer. 
If your question is accepted 
Further copies will be made available to the public and press at the meeting and you will be invited to put your question to the Council. You will then receive a verbal answer or informed of a written response to be provided subsequently where this is more appropriate. Once answered you may put a supplementary question to Council for clarification provided it is directly out of the original question or answer. 
Raising a question about a subject not on the agenda  
Please send your questions or comments to the Chair or Parish Manager, who will arrange to have your comments reviewed and an answer provided as appropriate. 
You may need to rephase a question 
It is expected that questions will be asked in a reasonable and polite manner. Where questions contain elements that are considered by the Parish Clerk to be unacceptable then you will be informed of this fact and asked to provide an acceptable version of the question in writing no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start time of the relevant Council or Committee meeting. 
How many questions can be addressed 
Council suggest a maximum of two questions can be addressed. This will depend on the number of other questions registered. 
There's a group of you attending together 
If a delegation wishes to meet the Council, they should appoint a spokesperson prior to the meeting. 
Query about an agenda item but can't attend 
Email your query to the Parish Manager who will arrange for a councillor to represent your comments. 
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