MKC are now in the second stage, with the delivery of around 100,000 canvass forms to households across MK, so if you did not receive an email expect to receive a letter from us in the coming weeks. 
Nearly 20,000 households won’t receive a form, having already responded to an email prompt earlier in the month. 
Please ensure you check the forms and respond where required as soon as you can. Canvassers may telephone or call at your property where no response has been received if required from September till October. 
What is the Annual Canvass of the Electoral Register 
Emails and canvass forms are sent to every household giving details of what information is currently held on the Electoral Register at that property. Occupiers are required to check the information and confirm that it is correct or make any changes that are necessary so that a revised register can be published on 1 December. Different forms are sent to all residential properties during the canvass, please check the form carefully and respond as soon as you can only if it requires you to do so. 
When Responding 
If the information is correct, please confirm this by: 
Call 0800 197 9871 OR 
Text 80212 
And entering part 1 and part 2 of the security code which is on the form. 
If the information is wrong and you need to make changes (including adding and deleting people) you can also visit and enter parts 1 and 2 of the security code. Each new person will also have to register individually at
Please respond as soon as possible so your details can be updated. 
Find out more information about the Annual Canvass here
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