Hello, my name is Rob Lowe. I have the same name as a famous film star, however, I'm not a famous film star, but I am a councillor for Great Linford and it's something I enjoy very much. 
Even though I've only been a councillor for a matter of months, I'm learning, and I may even become useful one day. My particular interest is the arts and education. I was a university lecturer, and I'm also a well-published poet so I feel that the arts give a lot to the community and to individuals. That means that I am much more focused on the community itself, perhaps, then we're interested in the equally challenging economic aspects of council delivery. Whatever you do, you get lots of support and it's very, very interesting. 
I have always tried, even when I was working, to be involved with my local community, and having moved to Milton Keynes only two years ago, I also wanted to give something. Being a councillor, I think is one of the best ways of doing that because partly because you get so much support. 
You can find out more about the local elections and how to become a councillor by visiting our website or attending the Annual Parish Meeting, which is being held at Great Linford Parish Office on Wednesday 8th March at 6pm.  
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