Community Forum Update
Community Forum Update 
concern about alcohol in public spaces
What is done about alcohol being drunk near the pond? 
A resident raised their concern about alcohol being consumed near the pond in Great Linford. The resident was concerned that the people drinking often became loud and abusive when young children were in the area. 
Update: This question started conversations about the negative impact of drinking alcohol in public spaces and the impact it has on everyone in the community. In addition to anti-social behaviour, there is also a problem with alcohol litter, this was recognised to be a problem across the parish and not just in Great Linford. 
Great Linford Parish Council is currently working with the Safer Community Team to apply for a Public Spaces Prosecution Order, to stop drinking in the area. We will keep you updated about the application process. 
concern regarding construction traffic
Concern Regarding Construction Workers Parking in Redhouse Park 
A resident raised concern about construction workers. parking between the roundabout and the junction of Sheep Way & Rowditch Furlong, making access for residents difficult and dangerous. 
Update: We raised this concern with the Road Safety Officer and wrote to the company involved. 
young people have nothing to do
Young people have nothing to do, causing them to hang around on the streets or they stay home and not socialise. What is being done to support our young people? 
Update: Great Linford Parish Council is working with a variety of partners and the Youth Council to identify what young people want and what activities can be held. 
We do have a youth café on Friday evenings at Conniburrow Community Centre. 
The Youth Café is for young people aged 11-17 and activities include game consoles, crafts, table tennis, FREE snacks and drinks plus SO much more! 
🗓️ When: Every Friday 
🕡 Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 
📍 Where: Conniburrow Community Centre, MK14 7DX 
shoplifting at the local centre
What is being done to stop the shoplifting at the Great Linford Local Centre? 
The resident who raised this question is concerned that if this continues, the Coop may close. 
Update: The Police and Co-op have been working together to try and deter this. 
Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity they observe. 
why have the small parks been removed
The local small parks in the area have been removed without replacement, instead of maintenance. Why is this? Why can we not have the parks back? 
Update: The question has been asked and will be followed up. We will let you know when we have more information. 
what is being done about motorcycles
What is being done about motorcycles driving dangerously on paths and roads, nearly crashing into pedestrians? 
Concern has been raised about motorcycles driving dangerously on paths and roads, nearly crashing into pedestrians. This behaviour poses a significant risk to the safety of our community. 
Update: New CCTV cameras have been installed in the local centre to monitor and deter this behaviour. 
It is crucial that residents report any instances of dangerous driving. Provide detailed descriptions and any relevant information to the police to help them take appropriate action. 
Your vigilance and cooperation are essential in ensuring the safety of our streets and paths. By working together, we can create a safer environment for everyone. 
dog bins and fly tipping
Concerns about overflowing dog poo bins and flytipping. 
A resident expressed concern about images on social media that showed overflowing dog poo bins. It was also expressed that household items like broken bed frames and mattresses were often seen on the roadside of St Ledger Drive. 
Update: GLPC plans to review the current stock of dog poo bins, but we would like to remind residents that it is the dog owner's responsibility to bag it, bin it or take it home. 
With regards to dumped items, these can sometimes be awaiting collection but if not, we ask residents to report it to Milton Keynes City Council 
Alternatively, please email who will investigate, fine and or, remove. 
What is being done to combat flytipping in MK
We ask residents to report it to Milton Keynes City Council 
GLPC will review the hotspots and work with MKCC to fine people. CCTV can be used but it is an expensive option. 
We will be updating this page as we gather further updates.  
Have you got a question or a concern that you would like to raise at the next Community Forum? 
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When and Where? 
📅 Date: Monday, 10th June 2024 
🕢 Time:19:00 
📍 Location: Giffard Park Community Centre, Broadway Avenue, Giffard Park, MK14 5GJ 
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