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New Traffic Regulation Order Proposed for Great Linford: Have Your Say! 
Milton Keynes City Council, exercising its powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, proposes a new traffic regulation order to improve parking and safety in Great Linford 
What's the Proposal? 
The primary goal of this order is to consolidate the existing no-waiting and no-loading/unloading restrictions currently in place in Great Linford. In addition, the council plans to introduce new no waiting at any time restrictions and establish a 3-hour limited waiting parking place along parts of St Legers Drive. These changes aim to reduce congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and drivers. 
Public Consultation is Now Open 
Milton Keynes City Council is conducting a statutory consultation on this proposal. Residents, business owners, and other stakeholders are invited to review the details and provide feedback. The consultation period is open until 27 June 2024, with comments accepted until 5 pm on the closing date. 
To view the full proposal and submit your comments, visit the Milton Keynes City Council's website at Proposed parking restrictions in Great Linford, Milton Keynes (TRO-372)  
Background and Rationale 
The need for these changes arose from issues related to a privately owned car park at Great Linford Local Centre. Due to an excess of non-customer vehicles occupying the parking spaces, the landlord implemented a time restriction. This allowed users of the businesses within the local centre to register their vehicles if their stay exceeded 90 minutes. However, this also led to displaced vehicles parking in nearby areas, causing obstructions and safety concerns. 
The positive outcomes of the implemented time restrictions include improved parking availability for local centre users and easier access for school traffic, potentially alleviating pressure around Hartley. However, the unintended consequence was that many cars began parking in surrounding areas, obstructing sight lines and compromising safety for both pedestrians and drivers. 
Balancing Interests and Moving Forward 
MKCC has considered feedback from the Community Forum and previous consultations, particularly regarding the impact on Fullwell Court visitors. In response, a 3-hour limited waiting area has been created to address these concerns. While the new parking restrictions and yellow lines will impact residents of Fullwell Court, the council believes this is necessary to ensure road safety for all. 
It is acknowledged that there is a need for more parking at Fullwell Court, it is hoped that the organisers will review their land space to assist residents with parking within their residential area. This adjustment should help manage the expectations of new residents moving into the area, ensuring a balanced approach to parking and safety. 
Parking Restrictions Great Linford
How You Can Get Involved 
Your feedback is crucial to the success of this proposal. Milton Keynes City Council encourages all residents and stakeholders to participate in the consultation process. Here’s how you can make your voice heard: 
1. Review the Proposal: Visit Milton Keynes City Council’s website to read the full details of the proposed order. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the changes and their implications. 
2. Submit Your Comments: Share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions by submitting your comments online. The deadline for submissions is 5 pm on 27 June 2024. 
3. Spread the Word: Inform your neighbours, friends, and community members about the consultation. A diverse range of opinions will help Milton Keynes City Council make a well-rounded decision. 
This is a significant step towards improving parking management and road safety in Great Linford. Your input will help ensure that the final decision reflects the community’s needs and priorities. 
For more information and to submit your comments, visit Proposed parking restrictions in Great Linford, Milton Keynes (TRO-372) 
The Three Main Takeaways 
1. Introduction and Consolidation of Parking Restrictions: Milton Keynes City Council is proposing a traffic regulation order to consolidate existing no waiting and no loading restrictions in Great Linford and introduce new restrictions, including a 3-hour limited waiting parking place along parts of St Legers Drive. The Council is currently holding a statutory consultation on this proposal, with the closing date for comments set for 27 June 2024. 
2. Issues Leading to the Proposal: The changes are in response to parking issues around a privately owned car park at the local centre, where time restrictions were implemented to prevent non-customers from occupying spaces. This led to displaced vehicles parking in surrounding areas, causing safety concerns for pedestrians and drivers due to obstructed sight lines. The positive outcome of the restrictions is improved parking availability for centre users and school traffic. 
3. Considerations and Balancing Interests: It is acknowledged that the restrictions will impact residents of Fullwell Court but emphasises the need to balance this with road safety concerns. It is suggested that Fullwell Court review their land use to provide more parking for residents and manage expectations for new residents. 
Great Linford Parish Council is supportive of these measures to ensure pedestrians are visible to road users when they cross this road - something that is impeded when cars are parked in this area. 
Let your voice be heard and be part of the change! 
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