Lesley Macrow Memorial Bench
Overlooking Great Linford Cricket pitch, a bench now stands in tribute to Lesley Macrow, who passed away unexpectedly last year. This simple, yet meaningful memorial, placed by her family and friends, is a testament to a life lived with generosity, warmth, and a boundless spirit of community. 
Lesley was a much-loved figure in the Great Linford community, known for her tireless volunteer work at the Great Linford Hub. Her dedication was most evident in her culinary contributions; every Monday morning, she would arrive early to prepare a community breakfast, on Tuesdays, she could be found bustling about the kitchen, crafting delicious lunches that brought people together. 
But perhaps most poignantly, Lesley dedicated her Fridays to cooking for the homeless, preparing over 300 meals each week. Lesley's efforts provided not just food, but also a sense of dignity and care to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. 
Cllr Donna Nicholls, a close friend who worked with her at the hub, commented “Lesley was known for her warm, welcoming nature and a great sense of humour, Lesley had an uncanny ability to make everyone feel at home. She had an extraordinary talent for bringing people together, creating a sense of belonging and unity wherever she went. Lesley's presence at the Hub was more than just about the meals she prepared; it was about the connections she fostered and the love she shared.” 
The bench at the cricket pitch is more than just a piece of furniture; it is a place for reflection and remembrance. It invites those who knew Lesley to sit and recall her generosity, her humour, and her unwavering dedication to her community. 
Lesley Macrow Memorial Bench
Lesley Macrow
Lesley Macrow Memorial Bench
Lesley Macrow Memorial Bench Plaque
As we sit on this bench and gaze over the cricket pitch, let us remember Lesley Macrow for the remarkable woman she was. Her spirit lives on in the hearts of those she touched, in the meals she lovingly prepared, and in the community, she helped build. She is deeply missed, but her legacy of kindness and generosity will endure for years to come. 
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