Great Linford Parish Council is urging enthusiastic and engaged members of the community who want to make a long-lasting change, have innovative ideas or have concerns about a specific issue to stand as councillors for the opportunity to make a real difference. The work is exciting and rewarding. 
Eirwen Tagg, Parish Manager, explains what is a Parish Council and who can become a councillor? 
Hello, my name is Eirwen Tagg and I'm the Parish Manager for Great Linford Parish Council 
A Parish Council, what is it? 
It's not always a simple answer, in the bland speak of local government, we are the first tier of local government. But what does that mean? In reality, each parish council will react to the needs and desires of its own community, therefore, we are all different. We're all delivering different services, but we all must adhere to the rules and regulations that the government set for us. 
What are the three main focuses of Great Linford Parish Council? 
The three main focuses for Great Linford Parish Council are to ensure where possible, that we have community facilities for residents to access, to look after some open spaces and provide you with allotments, and to be active with partners and charities and other local groups to help resident. 
Who can become a Parish Councillor? 
Anybody who lives or works within the area and is over 18 years of age. We need people with a range of skills and experiences. The minimum requirement for a Parish Councillor is to attend the monthly council meetings, but there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved in other ways, supporting events, going on litter picks, meeting and greeting residents and community groups, councillors may even wish to lead a project. 
If you are intrested in making a lasting positive impact with the community then please contact the office by emailing or calling 01908 606613 to find out more information. 
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