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Posts from February 2022

Just Be Wellbeing Cafe 
Wednesdays, 10.30am-2pm 
The volunteer roles are open to people who are committed to serving our community and supporting the wellbeing of individuals. A basic outline of the roles are below. We hope that volunteers will be able to move between the kitchen and Cafe floor roles on a rota basis (though if a volunteer prefers to remain in on role that is fine too). 
We are looking for people who are able to offer their skills, talents, hobbies and passions in our craft activities. We would welcome a range of different crafts from knitting and henna painting, to jewellery and model making. It would be great to offer our community the opportunity to be creative and experience the sense of peace and achievement that brings. The volunteers for the craft activities would bring their expertise in the area and share that with visitors to Just Be Wellbeing Cafe. 
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