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There are some changes this week due to the weather. 
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Hello, and welcome to the Great Linford Parish Councils Weekly Update. 
There are quite a few changes this week due to the extreme weather that we're experiencing. 
First, let's start with a bit of news. We have a vacancy for a part-time caretaker. This is an ad hoc role. We're looking for someone to support our existing caretaker team, opening and closing facilities and basically being a friendly face when you turn up and open for hirers at our facilities. 
If this is something you're interested in, give us a call at the office for an informal chat to find out more about the role. 
So, let's jump straight into what is on this week. Breakfast and Banter is currently going on as I speak, it's on till 12 pm today, and they've got a slight change rather than the bacon or egg roll, it's a buffet-style breakfast. So, pop along. It's a great way to start the week. 
Now, as far as I know, the community fridge and the community hub, are planning to open as normal this week. But obviously, they will see how the weather impacts their operations and they will let us know if there are any changes. So, Tuesday, the Citizens Advice drop-in session is starting a little bit earlier this week. 9.30 till 12.30 rather than 10 till 1, they're just starting a little bit early. Great Linford Community Hub is planning to open as normal. 
The Community Larder is cancelled for this week due to the extreme heat that's forecast. 
Safety for the staff and the volunteers and the visitors to the larder has been taken into consideration and the decision has been made to cancel the larder for this week. 
On Wednesday, the Community Fridge at Conniburrow and the Wellbeing Café are planning to open as normal. If there are any updates there, we will let you know. 
The Ranger Day on Wednesday has been cancelled. 
Plans look to get back to normal next week. Everything will be on our Facebook page, on our website, on Twitter, and in our weekly update. 
On Thursday, we've got the Community Hub open from 10 till 4 and also a Wellbeing Class at the Parish Council offices. That sounds like a very relaxing way to spend Thursday morning. 
On Friday, we've got Conniburrow Community Fridge, Great Linford Community Fridge, and the Community Hub open. So that's Monday through Friday. 
Now, this is a big weekend. There's a lot going on this weekend 
On Saturday, we have the community litter pick at Neath Hill, meeting at 10 am. These are great fun, they really are a great community event. There'll be refreshments for volunteers after as well. So plenty of opportunities to chat and have something nice to eat and drink. This is a perfect way to spend Saturday! 
Also on Saturday and Sunday. There's a funfair for children at Great Linford Sports Ground Marsh Drive. This is for under thirteens. There are two sessions per day and its unlimited rides per session for £10.99. 
Some dates for your diary. We've got the full Council meeting on the 27th of July. As I said last week, the public is welcome at these meetings. There are lots of details on our website on how the Parish Council meetings operate, and the role the public can play in coming to a meeting. All the details are found on our website. 
As I mentioned every week, the date for our summer event is the 6th of August at Marsh drive Community Centre. There are going to be free bouncy castles, free messy play, and free face painting. It's going to be a wonderful event. So that's on from 12 till 4 pm on the 6th of August. 
Talking of the summer holidays, we have some sessions to keep the kids amused throughout the holidays 
Basketball. On Thursday, the 28th of July at the Conniburrow MUGA, 2.30 till 4.30 pm. There's no need to book just turn up and it’s completely free. 
Talking about free sessions, on Friday, the 29th of July, there are some play sessions at Conniburrow Community Center. And again, no need to book just turn up from 9.30 am till 12.30 pm. 
If you want any information about these activities, head over to our website and all the details will be there. 
So one more date for your diary. 
Now this one isn't in the Parish, but it's worth jotting down. Saturday the 13th of August there is an Emergency Services Open Day at the Blue Light Hub, West Ashland. So that's all going on from 11 am till 3 pm 
We've come to the end of our update. As I said, things may be changing throughout the week. But please have a look at our Facebook page and Twitter, and website. We will keep you updated. So hope you manage to stay cool and safe and we will see you next week. Thanks for watching 
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