Census Support Centres will help with general census queries, help you to fill in your online census or paper form, and discuss other ways to support you. Some phone support will be available from the Centres from Monday 1 March, as restrictions easy, centres will be able to offer face to face support. 
Great Linford Parish Council is a support centre! 
GLPC working with Goodthingsfoundation to provide support to help anyone complete the census on 23st March but you can complete it and get help from 1st March to 4th May. 
GLPC were awarded a grant from Office Natiional Statistics to fund this project and local people have stepped up to become Advisors . They have all had to go on training courses and will be available first on the phones to provide telephone support and when we open up in April – provide face 2 face support. 
If you need help you will need to make an appointment by contacting the office on 01908 606613 or emailing glpc@great-linford.gov.uk. We will make an appointment for you to see an advisor, please allow 60 minutes for the visit. Please bring a mask. Advisors will have full PPE and will sanitise between appointments to keep you and them safe. Your temperature will be taken on arrival. 
You will need to bring: 
The Census notification/form with the code on it (16 digits – four sets of four numbers) 
The following information for each occupant: 
◦ date of birth 
◦ qualifications 
◦ employer details for the last or main job 
◦ month and year arrived in the UK 
◦ previous address if lived at the current one for less than a year 
◦ country of issue of passport 
Information about the Census 
The Census is undertaken once every 10 years and information is released to the public domain when the data 
collected reaches 100 years old. 
• The information will tell people in the future how we live. 
• The data collected from the answers to the questions in the forms will help organisations make decisions on planning and funding public services by area including transport, education and healthcare. 
When is the census completed 
Every household should complete the census on Sunday 21 March 2021 or as soon as possible after. 
A paper form will be sent out 
If a resident has responded before 21 March and things have changed, they can call on the free contact centre telephone which opens on 1st March. 
The census should take about 10 minutes for the household questions and 10 minutes per person. 
When was the last Census? 
The last census took place in 2011. Many people and organisations used information from the 2011 Census in a variety of ways. To read more about the benefits that information from the 2011 Census helped to create, visit the Office for National Statistics (ONS) website
Personal Data 
The personal data is kept secure for 100 years and the legislation ensures that the confidentiality is protected. The laws that make sure the data is secure are: 
• Data Protection Act 2018 
• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
• Census Act 1920 
• Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 
How does the ONS ask residents for this information? 
The ONS send the census information by post including a letter containing the access code (16 digits – 4 sets of 4 numbers) needed to fill in your census online questionnaire. 
The ONS will not call residents about the census unless an appointment has been made with the Contact Centre or if the resident has raised a query or complaint. 
The ONS will never ask for: for a national insurance number, passwords, bank account details, or credit or debit card numbers. 
Any emails from the ONS will be sent from: noreply@help.census.gov.uk 
Any texts from the ONS will be sent from Census2021. If you text us, our responses will come from 86677. 
The data processing and contact centres are in the UK and subject to UK data protection legislation. 
To read more about the Census go to: www.census.gov.uk 
How can an adviser help someone? 
• can provide the Census contact telephone number if the client would like to speak to then directly 
• on booking an appointment, the adviser can provide all of the information and support needed to complete the form online 
• if the client has lost their form, the advisor can generate a new 16 digit, 4 sets of 4, number to be able to input online 
• provide support with any queries 
• provide guidance information about where to locate Census guidance in up to 15 languages 
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