Currently the Full Council meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Monday and the last Wednesday of every month. Only items on the agenda can be discussed. Residents are welcome to attend. The meetings start at 7:30pm with the aim to conclude business by 9:00pm where possible. They are held at Great Linford House, 1 St Leger Court, Great Linford, MK14 5HA. The Annual Parish Meeting is held in May each year. 
Attending Parish Council Meetings 
Councillors' attendance at meetings 
In order for meetings to be quorate one third of council members, or 3, which ever is greater, must be present. Attendance and apologies, with reasons for absence, must be recorded. A councillor is disqualified if s/he does not attend a meeting in 6 months and his/her long-term absence has not been agreed upon by a full parish council meeting (click here for attendance record).  
If a councillor is late or leaves early, a record must be made as this could affect quorum, etc. 
Public attendance at meetings 
Parish council meetings must be open to the public and press. However, they may be excluded for part of the meeting if the council resolves that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest, or for other special reasons stated in the resolution. 
Only items listed on this agenda will be discussed. If you have comments about any other subject please contact the Parish Manager by completing the form below or ring the office on 01908 606613. 
If you wish to speak on an item 
Please make yourself known to the Parish Manager or to the Chair of the meeting, before it begins. 
At the start of the meeting the Chair will ask how many people wish to speak, this will determine how long public question time will be and then the Chair will allocate a time period for each person to speak. 
Please appreciate that the agendas are always busy and the Councillors will have a lot of items to review. Like you, they are giving up their spare time and so, for fairness to all involved, time will be restricted. The standing orders limit public question time to a maximum of 30 minutes.  
Public question time requires a suspension of the council meeting so that you can speak on the item which is concerning you. 
Once you have made your points the Chair will ask the Councillors if they wish to ask you any questions and, if they do, you can reply to those questions. 
The Chair will then resume the meeting: this means public question time has ended. Council will then debate the item. You do not have any right to speak during this debate. The only exception would be if a councillor, through the Chair, wishes to put another question to you. 
If you wish to speak on an item which is NOT on the agenda - please address the Chair or Parish Manager, who will take your details and contact you outside of the meeting. 
Agendas & Minutes 
Planning Issues 
Most people who want to speak to the Parish Council want to talk on 
planning applications. For guidelines before attending a meeting, take a look at 
If you have any questions, please complete the form to the right or contact the office on 01908 606613. 
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