Cllr Marc Whelan  

Chair Marc Whelan
Parish Councillor Biography 
When did you become a Councillor? September 2018 
Areas of Special interest and expertise 
My chosen occupation of the last 20 years is the Commercial Property Market. I deal with all manners of Leasehold and Freehold purchases for retailers and end users. My expertise is in this area which crosses over and has some relevance to Planning and the Local Plan for MKC and the Parish Council. I also am quite happy to roll the shirt sleeves up and get involved in the local community, if that is litter picking or pond clearing then so be it… I enjoy meeting people and collaborating to help the Community I live in… 
What inspired you to become a Councillor? 
It’s not Political, it’s about Localism. I love the place where I live and want everyone to feel the same and I wanted to help or be involved for as long as I can. I’m inspired by people that care about others either less fortunate or who can benefit by me, as a Councillor and local resident helping the Community and people either on short term projects or longer-term initiatives is very appealing. I want to inspire others to join GLPC (or other Parish Councils) and help make a difference to where YOU live. Too many people seem too busy and think issues that crop up where they live are for someone else to deal with, not necessarily so. Get involved. Make a difference. 


Training  Accounts & Finance Training – 09/2020 Effective Comms & Engagement in Post Lockdown world – 10/2020 Using Social Media to enhance your Council’s Communications – 10/2020 Chairing Skills for Town & Parish Councils – 12/2020 

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