Marsh Drive Redevelopment 

An opportunity to explore a wider vision and create a community, social, leisure and 
sports facility serving the whole Parish for at least the next 30-40 years.  
Having taken ownership of the Marsh Drive Sports ground in Great Linford from MKC and in response to residents’ views and aspirations collected during the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plans, GLPC are actively looking into how this valuable asset can be improved to provide a much wider range of facilities and activities for the benefit of the whole community. 
The key issues raised by residents were: 
• The area would benefit from a new or improved community centre where local residents could enjoy indoor leisure pursuits and activities. 
• The development of community meeting places and provision of more leisure activity facilities for the older age groups should be encouraged. 
• A further issue relating to leisure routes was the provision of a café or visitor centre. 
• Responses showed that indoor facilities for tennis, badminton, basketball, and other indoor sports and leisure activities would be a good addition to current facilities. 
GLPC has set up a Project Board to take responsibility for the strategic control of this project. The Board is made up of people with appropriate skills who represent GLPC, MKC, neighbouring parishes and landowners, the Parks Trust and the community at large. 
Having completed the Feasibility study with local company Nortoft the next stage is to develop a business plan that produces a facility that fits the comments and aspiration of the community. 
The Mission Statement is: 
To redevelop and enhance the current sports facilities and pavilion to facilitate use of the sports fields, pitches and tennis courts by a multi-generation of players and allow male, female and junior activities to take place in a safe and secure environment. To provide a community hub capable of being used by all members of society for a variety of activities aimed at promoting physical, mental and social wellbeing. To work in partnership with local clubs, associations and organisations to ensure that best use of the facilities is made and to create a warm and welcoming environment where new skills can be learnt and friendships made. 
Why Marsh Drive? 
Marsh Drive Sports Ground has sufficient green space to accommodate five football pitches, plus cricket in the summer and three tennis hard courts. There are also grassed areas for other seasonal activities such as rounders/baseball etc. The grounds are surrounded by a network of redways through attractive landscape (including the adjacent Linford Manor Park) suitable for running, walking or cycling. 
Marsh Drive has easy access from most parts of NE MK via roads, bus links and redways. There is expandable off street parking for around 70 vehicles with disabled access to the pavilion area. 
The facilities currently enjoy a reasonable level of usage and interest by local clubs who offer friendly and league matches. These clubs can offer the expertise and skills necessary to provide training and coaching for all age groups and sexes, but their ability to develop further particularly in terms of promoting opportunities for female and young players, especially in the various ethnic groups, is being hampered by the lack of appropriate changing and ancillary facilities. 
Marsh Drive is the only site in North East Milton Keynes that can offer the ready availability of land and core facilities in place necessary for a successful project of this nature. Great Linford Parish Council have a reputation as innovators and a track record of delivering community and social projects for the benefit of our parish and beyond. 
GLPC recognize the wider benefits that physical and social interaction can deliver and commit to work with the local sporting community, associations and organisations and in co-operation with our neighbouring parishes to ensure that as far as possible these benefits are available to all. 
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