Dog Bins 

A clean neighbourhood? We all want it. We can all help to achieve it. 
Dog Waste and the Law 
Milton Keynes Council has designated the whole of their administrative area under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 as a poop scoop area. If on streets, paths or land, designated under the 1996 Act, you don't clear up after your dog, you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice. If you don’t pay the fixed penalty, you could be faced with being taken to Court, where you could pay a fine of up to £1,000. 
What should I do when I am out with my dog? 
If your dog needs to go while you're out, "scoop the poop". You can buy all sorts of different poop scoops cheaply at pet shops and some supermarkets. Great Linford Parish Council provide poop bags for a small fee, available from the Parish Office. If you don't have a proper poop scoop with you, you can use newspaper or a plastic bag. 
What should I do with the poop when it's been scooped? 
Great Linford Parish Council has provided a limited number of special red orgreen dog foul bins. However, these red bins cost at least £250 to install and around £300 a year each to empty once a week. It is the Parish Council's policy to provide a very limited number of poo bins adjacent to sports grounds, parkland areas or close to schools. No one wants them outside their house do they? These bins have to be placed where they are accessible from a road to enable them to be emptied regularly. If you double bag the poop, you can place it in any public bin. 
If there are no bins around, take the poop bag home and dispose of it in your black household refuse sack. Milton Keynes Council recommends that you double wrap the scooped poop before disposing of it in your black household refuse sack. 


Dog bin locations (click on estate name for map) 
On the broadwalk junction with pathway to Orne Gardens near canal bridge 79c 
On redway off Lacy Drive opposite Flambard Close 
Marigold Place junction with the Boulevard at Friendship Park 
End of Coltsfoot Place on redway before bridge over H5 
Between Ramsons Avenue and Conniburrow Boulevard next to the Community Orchard 
On the redway Colesbourne Drive opposite the play park 
On the redway Orchard to underpass to Downhead Park 
Redway end of Pannier Place near entrance to Pavillion 
Between Hartley and the Great Linford Primary School, St Ledger Drive 
Middleton adjacent grassed area along redway from St Ledger Drive to Hills Close 
Willen Lane before canal bridge 79 
Solar Court at the entrance to the Cricket Ground 
The Green, Harpers Lane 
High Street entrance to the Cricket Ground 
Right hand-side of the bollards entrance to Marsh Drive Car Park 
Redway junction Tower Drive and Currier Drive 
Leopard Drive junction with Skeats Wharf 
Sovereign Drive opposite entrance to the Health Centre 
Hambledines by the pond 
Rowditch Furlong by the play park 
North side of the lake, start of the path end of Wedgewood Avenue 
South side of the lake, on pathway almost opposite junction with Telford Way 
Southern end of the lake, on pathway near road underpass H3 to Tongwell 
End of Hammond Crescent adjacent to the play park and Maze 
On the redway parallel to V10 at entrance to Lovat Fields complex 
It may be that you wish to change your dog walk route to take in at least one bin. Many of them are in picturesque locations so this can only enhance your walk! 
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