Speed Watch 

Excessive speed through neighbourhoods is a common issue and has an impact not only on road safety but on the quality of life for those residents that endure it. GLPC organises speed monitoring across the Parish using volunteers. 
Community Speed Watch is a scheme to help residents reduce traffic speeding through their neighbourhood. Volunteers monitor the speed on our estate roads to educate drivers and remind them of the speed limit. The scheme enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally. 
Community Speed Watch can be set up in any ward, village or parish governed by a 20/30/40 miles per hour speed limit and seeks to promote safer driving in our local communities by educating rather than prosecuting individuals. Data collected by Community Speed Watch groups will be passed to Thames Valley Police who will then arrange for the registered keeper of the vehicle to be written to, informing them that the vehicle was detected exceeding the speed limit, giving the location, date and time. Persistent speeders will receive a second letter but on the third occasion they can expect further action to be taken by the police. 
To find out more and volunteer for Speed Watch, please complete the following form: 
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