Chairman's Report 

Marc Whelan 
Plans/Priorities for 2019/20 
1. Overall message 
To facilitate a proud community, fully engaged in local matters, living in a great area that is well maintained, with high quality facilities and services that meet its needs. 
2. Council Members 
a. During the last year, a number of Cllrs have left the Parish Council and others have joined. We ended the year with a full complement of Cllrs. 
b. In May we will say good bye to: 
i. Janet MacLean, Cecil Macaulay and Sam Crooks all who have done considerable time on the Parish Council and who are moving on to other challenges. 
ii. Sam is now the Major of MK and we hope to see him at some of our event. 
iii. We pass on our thanks to them all. 
3. Finances 
GLPC services and facilities are funded by income raised from activities, from the precept and from reserves where appropriate. 
Overall Budget expenditure was £496,499 and the actual expenditure £479,863 (yet to be audited) 
Overall Budget income was £32,162 and the actual income £50,663 (yet to be audited) 
4. Council Staff 
a. At the time of writing, the Council employs seven staff, all part-time, including Clerk to the Council, Responsible Officer, Community Liaison Officer, 2 Admin Staff and 2 Rangers 
b. The total basic hours worked by these staff equates to 4.8 full time equivalent 
c. Other services are contracted with self-employed individuals / companies providing: 
i. Project Support Officer 
ii. Caretaker 
iii. Enforcement Officer. 
5. Council Facilities 
In Summary the Council owns or is responsible for: 
Marsh Drive Sports ground 
Great Linford Cricket ground 
Community Orchard 
6 Allotment sites 
Rocla Art trail and Gyosei Art trail 
Peartree Pond 
Long term rented offices 
In detail this is: 
a. Football pitches, cricket wickets, tennis courts and a large open recreational space with wooded areas at Marsh Drive. 
i. Great Linford Tennis club lease the courts and clubhouse. 
ii. Pay and play is available at the tennis courts. 
iii. Great Linford Football Club have teams from U7 to Vets. 
iv. MKDonset have ladies’ teams from u9 to ladies. 
v. Great Linford Wanders are an adult’s team. 
vi. New City Cricket Club have played at Marsh Drive for over 25 years. 
b. Cricket, meeting place and landscaping at High street. 
i. Printers have also been in place for 20 plus years. 
ii. The meeting area is used by small charities, local resident groups and can hold children’s parties. 
c. Gyosei Art works along the canal. 
d. ROCLA Art works at Redhouse Park. 
e. Pear Tree pond and surrounding landscape at Great Linford. 
i. GLPC works and support a local association to maintain the pond area. 
f. Community Orchard in Loriner place Downs Barn. 
g. 6 allotment sites with over 150 plots. 
h. Thatched Barn in the High Street a listed building. 
i. Long term office rent at Great Linford 
6. Working in partnership 
There are many active community groups and charities that have made themselves known to the Parish in one way or another and GLPC works with many of them to help provide services that the community has need of, for example: 
a. GLPC works with a diversity of partners in different ways: 
i. Via Breakfast Club provides 12 events throughout the year and hosts a variety of partners talking about Food Bank, Money Matters, Mental Health Smart Motorway, Healthwatch, 
Parks Trust and the biggest attended event about managing mental health, to name a few. 
ii. Citizen Advice Bureau – CAB provide free advice to residents on a variety of matters – last year this meant helping 156 residents with 262 problems, clearing debt of £7,858 
and claiming benefits of £28,643. 
iii. Little Bookshop partners have created a community café and community fridge and host numerous events, educational talks and opportunities for people to just meet up. 
iv. Big Local Conniburrow has worked with the Rangers to tackle issues around the area. 
v. CarersMK support local people who are the long-term carers for their family or partners – being able to go out once a month provides advice and mental support for these carers. 
vi. Local residents have helped GLPC to build and locate 3 book exchanges – free libraries managed by the community for the community to swap and share books. 
vii. Working with Thames Valley police to bring community forums to the Parish, giving residents the opportunity to talk with the Police about the issues and concerns they have –  
and where possible working to improve the communication, understanding and dispelling urban myths. 
b. GLPC provides grants annually - £5000 in total to support a variety of local organisations such as Conniburrow Children’s Centre, MK Food Fest, YMCA, Peartree Pond and 
Little Bookshop. 
7. Environment 
a. Roadsafety – Speedwatch is run 3 weeks every year monitoring drivers in areas all over the Parish. On an average week the group of volunteers have recorded over 812 vehicles and 
reported 32% of them to Thames Valley Police for speeding on our streets. Speeders receive letters in the post, 2 letters and you get a visit from TVP (and this is if you get caught 
during any Speedwatch session in the TVP area). 
b. Love where you live – events and activities bringing together members of the Parish Council, Rangers, volunteers and businesses – lots of activity to clean up the area from litter 
picking, repainting old play parks and cutting back shrubs. 
i. Rangers clear approx 720 bags of rubbish in a year. 
ii. Tidy up events removed approx 90 bags (4 large events). The largest being 150kg from the Spring Clean activity. 
iii. Once a month there is an estate tidy up event, these yield on average 23 bags per event. 
c. Persistent fly tipping and dog fouling is investigated by the Enforcement Officer who regularly patrols areas to try and educate dog owners / litterers / fly tippers and give them fixed 
penalty notices if they are caught. 
d. Working with MKC to trial solutions to the recycle bag problem. Our solution was to offer the click and collect option to residents – providing them with another way of collecting bags 
while helping MKC to reduce the number of bags being used for other activities not recycling. 
e. Finding and removing knives from Parish locations – updating the Police to notify them of potential hot spots. 
f. Removing needles/drug paraphernal and providing the intel to Police to help them target areas. 
8. Parish Council Events/Seasonal Activities 
As well as the Love Where You Live environment events and the Breakfast Club events there have been many other events hosted by GLPC: 
a. Community Fun day draws in many people and showcases local businesses, performers, artists – it’s amazing to see the variety on our doorstep. Provides a platform to help educate 
the people about certain aspects of our work, ie recycling, dog care etc. 
b. Summer of Fun - 5 weeks of activity for local people and their friends outside the Parish. Show casing local firms again - local business, providing educational sporty and crafty 
activities for young and old. 
c. Apple Day – bringing the community together to celebrate the British Orchard and native fruit, educational, healthy and fun. An opportunity to educate on environmental issues and 
how to appreciate nature – a free, fun commodity in the Parish. 
d. One off events: 
i. CarersMK Information Event – bringing help organisations together to provide a platform for residents to find out about where they can go for help. 
ii. Meet the Parish Team – an opportunity for residents to put a face to the voice, to find out about what we do, where their money is spent. 
iii. Play Park Grand Opening Events – Dragon (GL), Pennyland, Redhouse, Downhead – an opportunity to highlight the good work of the Parish Council, increase engagement and foster 
good relationships. 
iv. Joining in with other events to promote the PC – Co-op Grand Opening on GL, Parks Trust Linford Manor project, Big Local activities. 
v. Flea & Tick Roadshow – due to the constant warmer winters, there has been a flea & tick epidemic. Working with a local vet, this event spread awareness on how to avoid and how 
to treat. 
9. Planning 
a. As a consultee we take our responsibility seriously to review planning applications small and large, responding to them based on the planning guidelines. 
b. Represent residents’ comments on larger planning applications and try to ensure that all local comments are put before the MKC planning committees eg representing the community 
on Linford Lakes, Little Linford Development, Yeoman’s Drive and also on the national plans such as plan:mk. 
c. 43 applications reviewed of which 65% GLPC made no comment and 35% GLPC made an objection or asked for conditions. Of the 15: 
i. 2 were withdrawn 
ii. 3 were approved without changes 
iii. 6 were refused 
iv. 2 were approved with revisions 
v. 2 were approved with conditions as requested by GLPC. 
10. Communication 
a. Launch of the new, user friendly website to provide easier access to information. 
b. Active and proactive Facebook page with the potential to reach 3.5k people with information on cultural events, problems in the area, disruptive roadworks, community groups. 
c. NBNE magazine 3 times a year 
11. Projects and long terms activities 
a. Marsh Drive Redevelopment – matching the surveyed responses to sport and leisure provisions with the existing facilities and the opportunity of developing community facilities to fit 
a wide demographic of the parish and beyond. 
b. Rocla Art – working with the project board to deliver the art from the S106 monies, taking on the maintenance of the works which compliments the Gyosei Art Trail implemented 
12. Other Issues 
a. Promoting awareness of issues within the Parish such as knife crime and speed campaigns by featuring on the BBC Look East programme. 
b. Working with MKC Highways on parking issues on some estates, promoting the consultations and ensuring affected residents get the right to have their say. 
c. Consultations – obtain resident input to determine needs and wishes. 
13. Plans and Priorities for 2019/20 
Most of the activities and many of the issues outlined above will, of course, be high on the Council’s list of priorities again in 2019/20. 
But the other areas we are focusing on will be: 
a. Working with the ROCLA Redhouse Park Project Board to deliver phase 2. 
b. Continuing the development of the Marsh Drive Project to provide a community facility for all. 
c. Trial the use of CCTV to tackle persistent fly tipping and antisocial behaviour. 
d. Working with MKC to develop a community transport with other parishes in our neighbouring areas. 
e. Reviewing the MKC cuts and the implications of the cutbacks. 
f. Increasing the environments services that GLCP can offer to ensure that the redways are cleaned, swept and free from weeds. 
g. Increasing outreach events to different venues and different times to reach a wider audience. 
h. Holding another mental health event as the feedback and requests from residents was very supportive 
i. Championing a YOUTH Information Service - counselling for young people in the Parish. 
j. Purchasing data capturing SIDs which move around the Parish to provide more evidence to the enforcement teams. 
k. Work with MKC to make people feel safer about St leger Drive and work with schools to stop the poor parking. 
What a year 2018 was - feedback from residents, Cllrs and staff 
1. Love it when we get an email from someone new who is just finding about us and about what we do and how we can help them. Love signposting and marrying up things for people.  
I just like helping people. 
2. Meeting and greeting new litter picking volunteers who have never interacted with GLPC, but they saw a poster and thought they would get involved, they enjoy it so much they just 
keep coming back. 
3. Being part of the summer of fun buzz – seeing how children can enjoy a variety of activities and how adults can get involved in a number of activities either with their children or 
without them. 
4. The buzz from the breakfast club – Cllrs, staff and volunteers working together with people to learn about something and solve something. 
5. Putting on the mental health event for me and being told that this was “just what I need” – I did realise there were others having similar problems as me and finding out that there 
were people who could help. 
6. I am quick enough to moan, but today I have to say a thank you. There is a dog poo bin at the bottom of Downs Barn near a large enclosed orchard. This bin is known to all the local 
dog owners and we are grateful for it. It is very regularly emptied and extremely well maintained. The gentleman who empties it is always polite and drives very considerably. A huge 
thank you to Great Linford Council, you have this absolutely right and are appreciated. 
7. Loved the works of art, think it is a lovely idea. Couldn't find the last 2 art pieces and think It would be helpful to have an information board along the trail showing the map and 
position of the art works. 
8. Nicely presented Newsletter and it reads well. 
9. Anyway, I always think highly of those who consider the needs of the elderly so thanks for sending them round with your lovely ranger lady. Loved her thoughts on making art from 
waste….. guaranteed press coverage there! 
10. A Ms Goddard wished me to know what a lovely caring person you are! No idea what for or when but just passing on her message and to say I already know this and hope you know I 
11. We would like to pass on our thanks to Dave? The Enforcement Officer that works with you for his help with our litter problem and for the fabulous, colourful signs that he has put up at 
the back of the school. Fingers crossed it does the trick! 
12. I have noticed that the park is under construction and really thank you all for the response. My son has been so happy to see it all being renovated with new equipment too. He is so  
eagerly waiting for it to finish off so that he can play once again with his friends there. Thanks a lot and really appreciate for the quick response and safety measures taken for our 
Tony Bedford / Trevor Heale 
15th April 2019 
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