Financial & Transparency 

We are committed to transparency in all our dealings, including how and where tax payers’ money is spent. Publication of this information will also improve value 
for money in the long term by allowing residents to challenge the Parish Council on how it spends money. Any requests for further details about these items will 
be dealt with under freedom of information provisions.  

Setting the Budget - A Five Year Plan 

and keep the precept down, or to increase the figure and continue to put the needs of the Parish and our residents at the top of the agenda. 
GLPC looked carefully at all options, and made the decision to raise the precept by £29.01 a year. The increase represents an additional £2.41 cost per month to parishioners, which will allow us to ensure the smooth running of the Parish during the pandemic, and beyond. 
GLPC Chairman Marc Whelan said: “We acknowledge it is a huge balancing act to supply and build on our service to the Community and it is with a heavy heart we announce this rise, but we must move forward and build for you, the resident. It gives the Council opportunities to do more in future years to potentially bridge the gap of lost or devolved services from MKC. Rest assured all Councillors are volunteers in name and take no wage or expense from the Parish Council, we are all tax payers in our area and value the resource GLPC can supply. The extra money raised will give GLPC the resource to employ extra staff in the office and out in the field to combat our ever growing need to focus on what matters to us, more of what is essential so the residents that need us in the new normal or outside their normal everyday lives, we can build for the future. Inevitably we feel that as MKC continue to cut back on everyday services, your Parish Council may end up with picking up the slack. Preparation is key. 
"The Parish Council overwhelmingly believes that this budget will allow us to focus on supporting our Parish and delivering services for you next year and for years to come, without large swings in bills for you. The extra £2.41 per month on a band D house will make a huge difference to our finance settings. It provides a level of certainty and stability for the Council, so we can work together to deliver what is needed for the community, working with you, the resident to target the vital aspects and required services 
"We are looking forward to a normalised future and have developed an outline 5-year plan to ensure that the Council is reaching all areas of the Parish with delivery of wide ranging services and offering continued opportunities for recreation. The Council voted overwhelmingly to agree to the rise needed to help us achieve this for you, the resident,” Marc added. 

How the Parish Council is funded 

The Parish Council is funded through a precept and income it raises through its facilities and services. The precept is collected by the billing authority (in this case Milton Keynes Council) and represents a tax collected within your council tax. 
As part of the Parish Council's commitment to be open and transparent with its residents we publish the information. 


The Parish Council financial year begins on the 1st April and finishes on the 31st March each year. At each meeting the Councillors approve the payments to be made following the meeting and every other month Councillors will receive and approve a bank reconciliation. 

Internal Audit 

An Internal Auditor is appointed each year to review the accounts and all aspects of internal control. The internal auditor is an independent and competent person appointed by the Council and cannot be involved in any business with the council or a serving member of the council. The internal auditor must report to the Council and sign a report on the Annual Return to confirm that the councils system of control is in place and operating. 

External Audit 

The Parish Council must approve the accounts and Annual Return on or before the 30th June, so that these are received by the External Auditor by the first week in July. 
The annual return presents for electors and local taxpayer’s the councils accounting statements and governance arrangements in the year and the external auditors opinion on them. 
The external audit is the process by which an auditor, reviews the councils annual return and other documents as required and reports to the council and electors. The law requires the external audit to be carried out to ensure that the risks to public money have been managed. The Audit Commission appoints auditors for all parishes in a county (known as external auditors) to review the councils annual return. 

Public Notices 

Notices will be made available to residents to inform them of their rights to review the unaudited annual governance and accountability report and the conclusion of audit once the external auditor has completed their checks.  

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 

An Annual Governance and Accountability Return sets out Accounting Statements and an Annual Governance Statement for each financial year. These statements and their supporting documentation are audited by the Council's Internal Auditor and sent to the External Auditor for a limited assurance review. 
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