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The Great Linford Parish Council Strategic Plan is a four year document, rolled forward annually in April and reviewed each September. 
The September review leads into decisions about which projects and activities should be programmed for the following year, and to the setting of the Parish precept. The new precept and Strategic Plan come into effect on 1 April annually. The Plan is divided into eight sections: 
It is driven by our VISION, AIMS & OBJECTIVES, AND PLEDGES The Vision and Aims are long term aspirations implying a consensus among parish councillors about what we intend to achieve. The Objectives are steps on the way that – by definition – may not have a lifetime beyond the four year planning horizon. Subject to resources and capacity we are committed to achieving the Pledges which arose from the public consultation on our Neighbourhood Plans. This part of the Strategic Plan is self-standing and may be published separately from the reference documentation in Sections 2 – 8. 
The Plan is based on evidence – what we have called our STORY OF PLACE. This comprises the 2011 census data about the parish compared with the borough as a whole, as well as some factual information about housing, shops, services, employment, sport, leisure and the arts within our area. These figures will be updated as part of the annual refresh of the Strategic Plan. Also included here are the outcomes of a major consultation with our residents about how they perceive the area, what safeguards they believe are necessary to preserve its character, and what improvements they would like to see. 
We then describe the PARISH COUNCIL itself, its councillors and our material assets. 
We detail the Policies and Pledges we are committed to as part of our two NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANS for the Parish. 
We consider a number of EXTERNAL CONSIDERATIONS such as any new legislation affecting parishes, Milton Keynes Council’s plans including the submission version of Plan:MK), the Parks Trust’s Strategic Plan and the recent report of the National Infrastructure Commission Partnering for Prosperity. 
In reviewing our Aims and Objectives we also take into account HOW WE HAVE DONE SO FAR. This is a list of our projects and aspirations from previous years measured against the extent to which we achieved them. 
In Section 7 we turn to ONGOING AND FUTURE ACTIVITIES. The majority of these are designated (subject to budget) for the following year as part of the annual review of the Plan each autumn referred to above. 
Finally an assessment is made on HOW TO FUND THE PLAN, essentially a debate about which approved projects are essential on the scale and in the timescale proposed. We also consider the extent (if any) to which reserves may be drawn down, or – conversely - augmented for asset maintenance and management. These decisions precede and inform the anticipated level of precept that should be set. 
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