Ptolemy Elrington 

Ptolemy Elrington was born in the south of England but grew up in the north. He studied art and design to degree level at Bradford and Ilkley Community College in the mid-eighties. He has travelled extensively and has worked at a variety of jobs including theatre set and stage design and construction, large scale community art sculptural projects and all whilst pursuing his own artistic agenda. He concentrates on creating sculpture of natural forms from found and re-cycled materials which include shopping trolleys, scrap metal and car wheel trims which he re-shapes into a variety of life forms. He has exhibited in Haslemere, London, Rutland, Salisbury, Scotland, Barcelona and Athens. 
Ptolemy’s artwork for ROCLA – Kingfisher 
I have chosen a subject that is local for sculpting natural form. This area is well wooded and has plentiful water features, it attracts a wide variety of bird life, the kingfisher has been spotted in this area and thus my sculptures will appeal to local nature lovers. I would like to draw their attention to the materials from which they are made – hopefully this will encourage local people to think about how they dispose of their rubbish. The sculpture will be an armature of steel with colours of the bird on the outside made from cut car bumpers. It will be on a pole to represent a tree trunk. 
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