Ruth Moilliet 

Ruth Moilliet produces highly finished metal and glass sculptures inspired by the plant kingdom. In her work she aims to draw the viewer’s attention to both the overall spectacle and individual beauty of a flower. Her work is inspired by her close study of a particular species and the beautiful, intricate forms she discovers. The finished pieces and the materials used explore the apparent fragility of an individual plant contrasted with its ability to sustain existence through ongoing lifecycles. Her sculptures are predominantly made from metal but she often combines other materials such as glass and acrylic to reflect her interpretation of a particular structure. 
As well as her metal sculptures she has produced two bodies of work using float glass. Originally starting with real flowers layered between the glass, her more recent pieces use images and etchings. Each panel depicts the beauty found in a range of British wild flowers and replicates the profusion in which they can be found naturally. 
Ruth’s artworks are limited editions, she has created numerous commissions and her work features in corporate, institutional and private collections both internationally and across the UK. 
Ruth’s artwork for ROCLA – Three Leaf Sculpture 
Ruth Moilliet was inspired by the wealth of local flora and the many insects that feed and pollinate these flowers aiding the biodiversity of our local area for her commission for the ROCLA Art Project. The three-leaf structure portrays different stages of growth and form: one still unfurling, another reaching out and creating a canopy and a third growing high into the sky at 4 metres. Each leaf has swathes of flower forms cut out of them. Attached to the upper sections of the leaves are coloured insects and smaller flower parts adding further detail and vibrancy to the work. The leaves range in height and are placed so that residents can move round them and enjoy the finer details and silhouettes created by the cut-outs against the sky. 
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