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The success of its allotment operation is something of which the Parish Council is very proud. As well as being a very ‘green’ thing to do, the Parish believes that an allotment provides a healthy way of life for people of all ages, and is very much a ‘family’ thing. Allotments are also a very organic way (forgive the pun!) of creating a thriving community among like-minded people. Great Linford Parish Council has made great strides in providing additional allotment sites for residents of the Parish to use. 
GLPC also provides the organisational framework within which allotment sites operate, and a safe and secure facility. An allotment can be hard work until you get into the swing of things, but you only get out of an allotment plot what you put into it. For its part, Great Linford Parish Council provides you with the ground, and with some simple rules to observe which can be found in the Tenancy Handbook. 

Gate Codes 

Every site has a coded padlock on the entrance gates. Code changes are currently communicated by email.  
It's important to advise any change of contact details. 
Codes MUST NOT be shared with anyone. 
Codes MUST BE scrambled after entry & exit. 


Written request to GLPC and written approval from GLPC to erect any structure ie: 
shed (max 6'x7') 
polytunnel (max 10'x8')  
greenhouse (max 10'x8') 


No fire: 
No petrol to be stored in a shed or on the Allotment Garden. 


Plots are based on an ancient measure called a ‘pole’, equivalent to around 25 square metres and a modest rend is charged an annual basis. 
The current cost per pole is £7.85, the average plot size is 5.5 poles. 
There is an initial one off administration fee & padlock deposit. 


Dogs - to be kept on a lead, on owner's plot and dog foul removed from site. 
Bees - one Tenant beekeeper per site with a maximum of two hives. 
Chickens - allowed with prior written consent from GLPC. Cockerels are not permitted. 
New guidelines under Defra. Bird keepers need to register any birds kept.  
New Measures (click here
Registration rules and forms (click here


No car washing! 
Water from the butts only to be used for irrigation. 
No hoses to be used at any time. 
Useful information on what and when to water can be found on the National Allotment Association's website (click here). 
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