Community Larder 

New to the parish from September 2020 
Bringing good quality surplus food to members 
Tuesdays 11am-1pm 
Cross & Stable, Downs Barn Boulevard, MK14 7RZ 

Frequently asked questions 

What is a community Larder 
A membership-based scheme where surplus supermarket/manufacturer’s food is saved from landfill and distributed to members. The larders can be set up anywhere in the Parish and anyone can be a member. This is about surplus food not being wasted BUT it can help with food poverty. 
Why set them up 
The free food parcel service comes to an end August 31, 2020. This is an affordable option for residents to obtain a good variety of food on a weekly basis. 
Where is the larder 
The Cross & Stable, Downs Barn Boulevard, Downs Barn (V9 end), MK14 7RZ 
What if I can't get to the larder 
You can nominate 2 people to collect the food on your behalf. When they collect the food, their details will be checked on the system. 
Can I volunteer to help with the larder 
What time is it open 
How do I join 
Contact or call 01908 606613 
What is the membership fee 
£10 per year. Then £3.50 for individuals per week and £7.00 per family per week. You can choose either membership, it's up to you. 
How long is the membership for 
Membership is for 48 weeks per year 
What do I get for my individual membership 
up to 10 items plus fresh fruit and vegetables for 48 weeks of the year 
Do I need to bring ID 
You will need to bring the membership card issued to you on your first visit to the larder 
How do I pay 
Via direct debit. £10 per year and then the weekly fee depending on individual or family membership 
What if I don't have a bank account 
For those who may struggle to open a bank account, Sofea have the support of Nationwide Building society who offer a complete banking solution for the minority who cannot obtain a bank account. Email for information. Please note this system is not ready yet.  
What if I am away one week 
That week's food can be reserved for you to collect the following week if you ask.  
Where does the memership fee go 
Sofea take the membership fee which is used to help run this service 
Who decides what food I can take 
Sofea deliver enough items weekly for each membership to receive up to 10 or 20 various items depending on membership, plus fruit and veg. Some items will be limited to one per membership. You select from the items on display. 
Who is the contact for payment queries 
Any issues with direct debits, payment, affordding membership, not having a bank account contact the Membership Manager on 07377181472 or by email 
Who is allowed to join 
Membership is open to residents of Great Linford Parish. So if you live on Blakelands, Bolbeck Park, Conniburrow, Downhead Park, Downs Barn, Giffard Park, Great Linford, Neath Hill, Pennyland, Redhouse Park, Willen Park you can take advantage of this scheme 
What if I can't afford the larder 
Please email for advice on how you can still join. Also, there are other organisations that can help you, ie The Food Bank and the community fridge network. Click here to find out details  
For more information on how to join, contact, tel 01908 606613 or complete the form below: 
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