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How We Work 
Your Parish Council works thanks to a dedicated group of Councillors, a hard working team at the office and YOU. We have great support from the residents of the Parish, not least from our Parish Guardians, who want to make this a great place to live, work and have fun. This only happens when we all join together to make it happen. 

Setting the Budget - A Five Year Plan 

When setting the budget for this year, we needed to take into account the financial impacts for the following 12 months, and we looked further ahead too – to plan for the next five years. We were faced with a difficult decision; to pare back services and keep the precept down, or to increase the figure and continue to put the needs of the Parish and our residents at the top of the agenda. 
GLPC looked carefully at all options, and made the decision to raise the precept by £29.01 a year. The increase represents an additional £2.41 cost per month to parishioners, which will allow us to ensure the smooth running of the Parish during the pandemic, and beyond. 
GLPC Chairman Marc Whelan said: “We acknowledge it is a huge balancing act to supply and build on our service to the Community and it is with a heavy heart we announce this rise, but we must move forward and build for you, the resident. It gives the Council opportunities to do more in future years to potentially bridge the gap of lost or devolved services from MKC. Rest assured all Councillors are volunteers in name and take no wage or expense from the Parish Council, we are all tax payers in our area and value the resource GLPC can supply. The extra money raised will give GLPC the resource to employ extra staff in the office and out in the field to combat our ever growing need to focus on what matters to us, more of what is essential so the residents that need us in the new normal or outside their normal everyday lives, we can build for the future. Inevitably we feel that as MKC continue to cut back on everyday services, your Parish Council may end up with picking up the slack. Preparation is key. 
"The Parish Council overwhelmingly believes that this budget will allow us to focus on supporting our Parish and delivering services for you next year and for years to come, without large swings in bills for you. The extra £2.41 per month on a band D house will make a huge difference to our finance settings. It provides a level of certainty and stability for the Council, so we can work together to deliver what is needed for the community, working with you, the resident to target the vital aspects and required services 
"We are looking forward to a normalised future and have developed an outline 5-year plan to ensure that the Council is reaching all areas of the Parish with delivery of wide ranging services and offering continued opportunities for recreation. The Council voted overwhelmingly to agree to the rise needed to help us achieve this for you, the resident,” Marc added. 

For more details click here: The Precept and What It Is Used For 

The Parish Council Office is currently a Census Support Centre. Face to face appointments can be made by calling 01908 606613 or emailing 
Otherwise, the office is closed. Telephone calls and emails will be dealt with during normal office hours. 
Remember: Hands Face Space 
Stay Safe. 
Get Involved 
We are currently looking for individuals who would like to become a Parish Councillor and make a difference to the community that we live in. If you would like to know more about these community focused positions we would love to hear from you. 
This Website 
The website is aimed at keeping you informed and up to date with what's going on within the Parish Council and around the Parish in general. If there is something that you can't find please let us know and we will be able to answer your question and then add this to the website for future use. 

Great Linford Parish Council services 12 estates:  

Bolbeck Park 
Downhead Park 
Downs Barn 
Giffard Park 
Great Linford 
Neath Hill 
Redhouse Park 
Willen Park 
We are not a Church and not just for Great Linford. A parish council operates under rules set by The Government, just like Milton Keynes Council. GLPC is committed to a great locality and proud community. 
Our website aims to be a local access point, a resource for local information and what's happening in the parish, the neighbourhood and the wider Milton Keynes community. 
Help us improve our community by interacting and providing feedback. 
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Thank you for your support 
Marc Whelan 
Chair, Great Linford Parish Council 
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