Grants Available 

The Parish Council will consider grant requests from community groups for up to £400. If your charity or community group within 
the Parish would like to apply for the grant, there are certain conditions that apply. 
Criteria and advice in completing the grant application form 
Applications for Section 137 Grants will be considered only if they are for acceptable activities. The criteria for acceptability are as follows: 
Grants will normally, but not exclusively, be awarded to local voluntary organisations including clubs and charities. 
The applicant should be resident in or undertake its activities in Great Linford Parish. Applications from outside the Parish may be considered in exceptional circumstances. 
Applicants must explain how the outcome of the application will directly benefit residents of the parish and how they will demonstrate that the benefits have been achieved. 
Applications will normally be for capital projects or to support community events. Running costs, salaries and consumables may be considered. Grants will not normally be given to general appeals, national organisations, individuals, or profit making organisations. 
Applications will not be considered for: 
a. activities intending to support or oppose any political party or religion, or to discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, disability or religion, or for any activity that is likely to cause offence or distress to parishioners 
b. any activity that is the statutory responsibility of any other organisation 
c. any activity that duplicates statutory funding, unless the requesting organisation is also providing additional funding 
d. loans, interest payments, recoverable VAT, any liability arising out of negligence, or any activity that is likely to infringe any regulation or code of conduct 
e. any commercial venture for private gain 
f. retrospective activities or projects 
g. projects that require an ongoing commitment from the Parish Council 
You are asked to read these notes before using the application form. 
When applying for a grant, you are advised to provide as much information as possible about your group as this will help the Parish Council to give proper consideration to the application. 
You will need to complete the form of application provided by the Parish Council, and provide a recent financial statement and a copy of your latest audited accounts. If you do not have any audited accounts (e.g. if the group is newly formed), please explain the circumstances. If there is insufficient room on the application form, please use a separate sheet of paper. 
The Council will not consider an incomplete application. 
Under “Membership” please indicate how many members you have, and the proportion of them resident in the Parish of Great Linford. 
Under “Amount and Purpose of Grant Sought”, please provide details of the supplier of the items for which the grant is sought, including their address and telephone number, and an order form if appropriate. 
Grants should be posted to the office address below or emailed to the Parish Manager; parish.manager@great-linford 
Grant applications are considered at a Full Council meeting once a month. The Parish Council normally makes grants only to community groups such as Scouts, Brownies, Playgroups, Community Groups and Senior Citizens Groups – with members resident in the Parish of Great Linford. 
To request the grant application, please complete the form to the right. 
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