ROCLA Art Trail Phase 2 

Phase 2 is well underway with this mural by Mark Tanti. 
The land where Redhouse Park now stands was formerly part of the Kingdom of Mercia, on the south bank of River Great Ouse which meanders downstream to the Wash near Kings Lynn. 
Mercia was one of seven kingdoms from the time of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain from the 5th century, ultimately the four kingdoms of Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex, and East Anglia. 
Mercia dominated what would later become England for three centuries, subsequently going into a gradual decline. At the end of the 9th century, following Danish conquest, Mercian territory was absorbed into the Danelaw, extending from London, East Anglia to most of the North of England. 
The Great Ouse formed boundary between the Anglo Saxon and Danish England lands over which many battles were fought. Wessex eventually conquered and united all lands into the Kingdom of England. 
Looking back through time, the land has been used predominantly for agriculture represented by the Shire Horse pulling the hay cart. 
Built by George Osborn Price in the late 1800s, the heavy clay soil of this area provided the material needed to make bricks in the Brick Kilns. Heavy horses were used to move the heavy loads on the nearby canal and to bring in the coal. 
Redhouse Park was built on a brownfield site that was former home to Rocla Pipes Limited who manufactured all sizes of concrete sewerage pipes used all over the UK and in the development of Milton Keynes. 
The multi-coloured tree represents our diverse community. 
….is represented with a family riding bikes past our Dragon in the Play Park in front of some houses. 
Redhouse Park is near to Linford Lakes Nature Reserve and fishing lakes, and we are lucky to see lots of animals in our community. 
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