Zodiac Sundial 

Zodiac Sundial Introduction 
At the centre of the sundial, in Millfield Gardens, is a 5-metre long Gnomon - shadow striker - facing true South, at an angle of 52 degrees, making it parallel to the Earth’s Axis. The path travelled by the tip of the gnomons’ shadow during the day, is approximately a circular arc, which varies according to the seasons. 
The relocated gnomon was originally created, by Philip Pauley, for the 40th anniversary of the founding of Milton Keynes, and located in The Theatre District CMK. 
It has been carefully repurposed by Justin with a subtle polished patina and laser cut steel tip, refined to a slimmer point, incorporating coloured glass. In bright daylight the appearance of this will subtly change with the sun’s elevation and position, throughout the day and the year. 
Locally sourced ‘river cobbles’ form the base of the gnomon, and cobble markers radiate outwards over the grass, demonstrating time and dates, enhanced by swathes of bulb planting, emerging at different times of the year. 
Fabricated by Twin Engineering of Denbigh 
Paint finish by Perfect Paint of Blakelands 
Installed by Manor Drives, Calverton, Milton Keynes 
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