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Dear Residents 
The Parish Council has been actively engaged in discussions regarding the parking situation at the local centre and on St. Leger Drive. Over the years, we've collaborated with Fulwell Court's landlord and Places for People to address the challenge of excessive parking in the car park, hindering the shopping experience for many. 
After careful consideration and considering concerns from local businesses, as well as conducting research on the number of non-shopping cars occupying the car park (over 40 on a daily basis), the landlord made the decision to implement a parking scheme. The introduction of a 90-minute limit was viewed as a compromise, allowing shoppers to conveniently drop by for errands or a coffee. Those requiring more time because they have appontments within the local centre for longer than 90 minutes could register their vehicles with relevant shops, businesses, or the Parish Office.  
It's crucial to emphasize that the car park is designated for the convenience of shoppers and was never intended as overflow parking for local residents. The recent parking restrictions aim to address this issue, creating a more accessible space for those visiting the local centre. 
While we understand that adjustments can be challenging, any issues with the parking system have been addressed promptly. The Parish Council is committed to working with the landlord to ensure users get a fair and effective solution for everyone involved. 
One of the key concerns that have arisen from the current parking situation is the safety of pedestrians, particularly in the crossing areas. The on-road parking has created visibility challenges, especially for older members of our community. To rectify this, the council has decided to install double yellow lines to enhance safety for pedestrians and road users alike. 
The extension for business users is intended to accommodate those with legitimate reasons to stay beyond the 90-minute limit. With fewer individuals using the car park for personal purposes, there is now ample space for school parents to park and safely accompany their children to school. 
It's essential for residents to understand that the car park was never intended for homeowners or visitors as a short or long-term parking solution. Over 40 cars daily were utilizing the space without any business in the local centre. The recent changes aim to rectify this misuse and ensure the car park remains available for its intended purpose. 
We kindly request all residents to park sensibly and safely, supporting the local centre and keeping the shops accessible for everyone. By doing so, we contribute to a safer and more vibrant community for pedestrians, road users, and shoppers alike. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making our community a better place for everyone. 
This matter was discussed at a recent Council Meeting, the minutes of that meeting can be viewed here  
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