A World Record Attempt 
On the 16th of October, a remarkable event is set to take place in Milton Keynes. Great Linford Parish Council is gearing up to participate in MK CAN, a world record attempt aimed at creating the longest line of food cans, all to support the MK Food Bank. 
MK CAN is not just an ordinary event; it's an opportunity for individuals, organisations, and communities to demonstrate their commitment to addressing food poverty. The initiative's goal is to assemble a massive line of food cans, each containing essential items for those in need. By participating in this event, Great Linford Parish Council is taking a significant step towards raising awareness about food insecurity and fostering a sense of togetherness in the community. 
Great Linford Parish Council is adopting 25 meters of the 10km line and needs 350 cans to complete the section. 
The Impact of MK Food Bank 
The MK Food Bank plays a vital role in alleviating hunger and supporting vulnerable individuals and families in the Milton Keynes area. The demand for their services has grown significantly, in the first half of 2023 they have distributed more than 13,500 parcels. As food prices continue to rise, donations of food have sadly dropped, MK Food Bank believes many of its supporters are also feeling the pinch. As the food bank strives to meet the needs of an increasing number of people, initiatives like MK CAN become essential in rallying resources and mobilising support. 
How Can You Contribute? 
If you're inspired to contribute to this world record-breaking attempt, you can: 
Donate Cans 
Participate directly by donating canned goods to be included in the record-setting line. 
Tinned Meat 
Tinned Fish 
Tinned Pulses 
Tinned Fruit 
Tinned Tomatoes 
Tinned Pasta (Hoops/Ravioli) 
Cans can be dropped off at the Great Linford Parish Council office. Every can counts and contributes to the overall impact. We need 350 cans to complete our section of the line. 
Spread the Word: Use your voice to raise awareness about the event and its purpose. Share information on social media, among friends and family, and within your local community. 
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