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In an exhilarating demonstration of community solidarity, Great Linford Parish Council participated in the MKCAN world record attempt, contributing to the astounding achievement of smashing the official Guinness World Records title for the Longest Line of Food Cans. This incredible event, organised by MK Food Bank, not only reached its target but also left a profound impact on our community. 
Reflecting on our involvement, Eirwen Tagg, Parish Manager expressed her delight, stating, "We are elated to have played a part in the MKCAN event's remarkable success and to have collectively broken the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of the Longest Line of Food Cans." 
“Our primary objective in joining this ambitious endeavour was to generate a significant supply of food to support our community through the approaching winter. The remarkable outcome, with a staggering 102,447 cans now securely stored in the MK Food Bank's warehouse, means that our goal has been more than achieved. These provisions will go a long way in ensuring that families and individuals in need receive vital sustenance during the challenging winter months.” 
Tommy Hayes, Community Liaison Officer commented “Our participation in MKCAN underscored the power of community collaboration. We could not have achieved what we did without the amazing people in our community who generously donated cans. On the day we joined forces with 250 organisations, united by a shared purpose, and were supported by our dedicated staff and councillors. This collective effort demonstrated that when a community comes together for a common cause, they can accomplish extraordinary feats.” 
Cllr Derek Harvey OBE said “It was very humbling and inspiring walking the line of cans twisting through Campbell Park that seemed to go on forever, seeing the diverse range of contributors featuring schools, charities, volunteers, local councils, and commercial enterprises big and small. There was a great atmosphere, everyone helping each other and chatting together. I was so pleased and proud that we (GLPC) played our part and whether records were broken or not, it has enabled the Foodbank to continue supporting families and people for many months to come.” 
Cllr Christine Onan added “102,447 record-breaking cans donated, lined up, transported, and now stored for the Foodbank winter supplies. It represents a positive supporting message from all in Milton Keynes!” 
As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let it serve as a testament to the impact that can be made when organisations and individuals join forces to break records, change lives, and create a brighter future for all. Great Linford Parish Council takes pride in demonstrating that together, we are stronger, and our capacity for kindness and generosity knows no bounds. 
Louisa Hobbs, Operation Manager for MK Food Bank remarked “All of us at MK Food Bank are absolutely thrilled with the success of the MK Can event and, of course, to have broken the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of the Longest Line of Food Cans. 
Our main aim was always to generate a huge amount of food for the coming winter and the 102,447 cans that have arrived in our warehouse now will have an enormous impact. To have forged and strengthened so many connections as well and watching 250 organisations pull together as one community to achieve such a massive, ground-breaking feat was like nothing we have experienced before. Thank you so much Great Linford Parish Council for taking part!” 
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